Conversation with the rain

English spoken

After the death of their daughter, a couple moves to Singapore.
She starts a demanding job as CEO of a nanotech company. He strolls through the monsoons and seems to see his daughter’s words in the rain.
A conversation ensues. A purifying story about love and loss. A story based on the personal experience of our award-winning playwright Stijn Devillé, told by two musicians, two actors and a rain printing device. 
English spoken.



februari 2020
Leuven OPEK, Leuven Tickets

januari 2019
Leuven OPEK, Leuven Tickets
juni 2019
Graz Schouwburg Graz, Graz Tickets
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Winner Leuven MindGate Cross Over Contest

Imagine letters printed in rain falling from the ceiling to the stage floor, where each drop is a pixel which forms a word only visible for a few seconds. That's what the 'digital theatrical rain printer' did in its premier in OPEK, Leuven. Performing arts and technology meet each other in this cooperation between Nieuwstedelijk and KU Leuven's e-Media Research Lab. By building a machine which combines the characteristics of a regular rain machine and a printer, the machine literally makes it rain words.

"This clear cross over between creativity and technology is an ambitious project with a clear return for both partners. It also shows that high-tech and creativity can create beautiful projects", the judges mentioned last year when they announced the rain printer as one of the winners of the Cross Over Contest by Leuven MindGate.

Stijn Devillé from Nieuwstedelijk was  grateful for the prize. "Without the Leuven MindGate network, I would have never even begun with this type of cross over. I'm very happy to have met such an enthusiastic partner as Luc Geurts from KU Leuven. The project also shows that technology is much more than just mathematics and funtionality; it is also capable to move and affect people emotionally."

read the full article here

performance pictures


written and directed by Stijn Devillé 
with Tom Van Bauwel & Sara Vertongen 
child's voice Marion De Schepper 
music by Gerrit Valckenaers & Geert Waegeman 
Walter Verdin video
Mark Van Denesse light design
Els Theunis dramaturgy

Kishan Singh technical coordination
Arne Broeders & Wouter Driessens, prof. Luc Geurts development rain printer
Viktor Thys, Thomas Verachtert, Peter Lauwers, Tom Buys, Bregt Janssen technicians
Ellen Haesevoets, Greet Van Poeck, Thomas Verachtert & Miek Scheers (internship) production
Stefan De Reese & Tom Buys sound design
Veerle Hasselman costume design
Benoit Aigret, Andreas Ketels - kunstenvliegmerk stage design
Berne Dries, Vic Van den Bossche, Willem Rys, Joffrey Guillaume, Brian Doms, Anton Spiessens, Tibo Spiessens, Jari Abeloos, Nils Janssens, Jelle De Hertog, Thijs Deroost, Glenn Loddewykx, Danny Depoorter technical support

a production of Het nieuwstedelijk
coproduction C-mine cultuurcentrum

in collaboration with e-Media Research Lab KU Leuven
with the support of Leuven MindGate Crossover Contest
and the Flemish Government

and the support of het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren.

with the support of the Tax Shelter incentive of the Belgian Government and Gallop Tax Shelter